Malocclusion (Poor Bite)

Patients with malocclusions should know that their teeth are more difficult to keep clean contributing to gum (periodontal) disease and cavities. Straightening teeth with a poor bite is not just for appearances. It contributes directly to your overall health. Our office provides different tooth movement options. Call our office to find out which one fits your needs.

Types of Malocclusions:

  • Upper Protrusion or “overbite”
  • Lower Protrusion or “underbite”
  • Spacing or Crowding Problems
  • Proper Alignment of Upper and Lower Jaw
  • Transposition
  • Rotation or Misalignment of one tooth or many teeth in the bite structure

Malocclusions can be remedied over time using a number of procedures and treatments that are available right in our office. We can discuss all the options with you during your visit. Most of all, we are committed to your Total Health and, therefore, we will make immediate recommendations to repair any type of malocclusion you may be experiencing. Contact us for more information about repair of a malocclusion.