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We are conveniently located on Dempster across from Advocate-Lutheran General Hospital in Dempster Plaza.

The Key to Total Health

Learn about the ways that Dental Health contributes and supports overall health - especially in the context of long-term care.

Evidence-based Care

Experience TOTAL HEALTH especially if you are being treated for medical conditions or managing a chronic illness.

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Join our THDC Membership Program to enjoy personal care and attention with an emphasis on your TOTAL HEALTH.


Our Mission:

At Total Health Dental Center our goal is to make you, our patient, feel comfortable and cared for by providing optimum dentistry that considers and benefits your total health.

We deliver dental care that is focused on the needs of our patients, not on what is or isn’t reimbursable by insurance.  This patient-first approach insures that you receive all the dental care that you need – nothing more and most certainly nothing less.

Total Health Dental Center cares about your total health.  We offer dentistry the way it should be.

Dr. Bruce Carlson, DDS Dentist

Total Health Dental Care

At Total Health Dental Center our goal is to be the community’s leading provider of innovative dental solutions, helping our patients achieve Total Health.

Dental-Medical-HealthHere’s what we mean by total health.  Research has shown that proper dental care can have a positive impact on the effectiveness of treatments you’re receiving for certain diseases and chronic illnesses.

We have seen such great results when our patient’s medical treatment is paired with our properly delivered dental care. This is why we continue to use evidence-based treatments – supported by research – to provide the best total health outcomes for our patients.

At Total Health Dental Center we care about your total health. Read more about our concept of Total Health in HOW WE’RE DIFFERENT.


Take The THDC Challenge

Make sure you see the license of the Registered Dental Hygienist in the office of your current dentist. If you do not see it, please ask. It is your right to know that your cleaning is being performed by a person with the appropriate training to clean your teeth below the gum line.

Within one week of a cleaning, stop by our office and tell us that you have come to take the Total Health Dental Challenge. It will take no more than 10 minutes and no appointment is necessary. We will show you if you received any benefit from your cleaning at the other dental office. We hope this experience will give you peace of mind that you are receiving high-quality dental care OR indicate that it is time for a change in your approach to your dental health.

Our Membership Plan:

Exclusive dental savings at a low annual rate

The Total Health Plan is designed to help you achieve the health you deserve and includes:

  • Dental cleaning*, exam, set of 4 cavity detecting x-rays and application of gum medicine.
  • 15% courtesy on all other dental procedures
  • No waiting periods
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered
  • No yearly dollar limitation restrictions like the ones imposed by insurance companies
  • All patients qualify who are not covered by any other dental benefit plans

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